e-P Manager: Property Management System
e-P Manager
The online property management system

The smart online application that helps you manage and make the best from your property.
Tired of dealing with overbookings ?
Lost money from booked rooms that were cancelled but not deleted from your booking planner ?
Want to know which day of the week to make the best prices ?
Then e-P Manager, Property Management System, is the solution. Sign-up today.
Registration is FREE !

Save time. Save money.
Get the best from your property.

Use e-P Manager for hotels, hostels, appartments, villas or any other type of property.
Rent all of your rooms, optimize your rates, print invoices and manage housekeeping, all from just one place !
Receive alerts, reminders and tips on how to prevent money lost and how to make more with your property.

e-P Manager is a web-based property management system that allows owners and workers in the field of hospitality to manage their accommodation. Owners or Managers can login and monitor/manage prices, availability and other elements remotely from any device (on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones).

With e-P Manager you can manage: reservations, price, availability, house-keeping list, maintainance list, check-in list, checkout list, bookings with rejected credit cards, e-cash register, bookkeeping, memo, phone number list, statistics and more... and all from just 1 place ! With its automated functions you save so much time and management becomes so easy and simple !

With e-P Manager you can manage all your operations and work processes in just a click. Intuitive functions and automations not just help you keep ontop of everything but e-P Manager gives you alerts and tips to get the maximum revenue from your property. Not only you do not loose money but it helps you make more !

Online Data Security

e-P Manager is PCI Compliant. Our platform and entire files are scanned with antivirus and intrusion detection software. We use a combinaision of the more recent types of technologies to ensure data security. Managers must request IP and location extensions if they would like to login from home or other places.
Receive bookings from all major agencies

e-P Manager connects with your Cubilis® account and retreives incoming reservations from all major agencies: Booking.com, Expedia, Hostel World, and more...
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