e-P Manager: Property Management System
e-P Manager server status & application updates


e-P Manager application and server status are:
- Conception and creation of e-P Manager [03-01-2015]
- Add new memo modules [21-03-2015]
- Creation of e-P Manager logo [17-07-2015]
- Add new modules: shopping list and repair list [09-08-2015]
- Edit new e-P Manager logo [13-08-2015]
- Add new codes block to enable new encryption technology [11-09-2015]
- Add new modules to manage availability and rates [07-10-2015]
- Add new module for bookkepping [11-10-2015]
- Update for login security perimeter check [11-09-2015]
- Add languages library files for translation / versions [05-02-2016]
- Add room-type managment function in the configuration menu [20-04-2016]
- Add auto-delete credit card information after 4 views of data [04-06-2016]
- Upgrade to new server with more storage and computing capacity [11-11-2017]
- New website featuring more information [21-01-2018]
- New SSL Certificate [13-02-2018]
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e-P Manager uses the latest technologies, redundant data centers, fine programming functions and ready to make your management life so much easier !
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