e-P Manager: Property Management System
e-P Manager Sistema de gestión de propiedades, características de la aplicación

  • Asignación de habitación intuitiva.
  • Gestión de tarifas estándar y no reembolsable.
  • Gestión de disponibilidad.
  • Múltiples monedas.
  • Lista de tarjetas de crédito rechazadas y recordatorios automáticos antes de la cancelación.
  • Actualización de la disponibilidad automática con walk-ins.
  • Recordatorios de actualizaciones de precio y / o disponibilidad.
  • Lista de mantenimiento de la habitación con recordatorios.
  • Cuenta principal con múltiples cuentas de usuario secundarias.
  • Acceso seguro con IP y control de geolocalización.
  • Auto-control y alerta si las tasas son demasiado bajas.
  • autoverificación y alertas si hay muchas salas disponibles en línea (sobreventa potencial).
  • Atención al cliente GRATUITA.
  • Invoicing system and e-Cash register.
  • House-keeping list.
  • Memo to exchange notes and messages between Colleagues and with Managers.
  • Statistics & reports for all types.
  • Phone numbers and Shopping list.
  • PCI compliant and regular updates.
Fast, Simple & Effective.

e-P Manager helps make check-ins faster, tracks check-outs, alerts of no-shows and bookings that may need cancelling.
Property owners can have an overview of the finance and activities within the establishment, and workers will be delighted to work with e-P Manager !

With e-P Manager you can create as many accounts as number of workers there are in your establishment. Assign to each account level of access: manager, receptionist, housekeeping, maintainance, store vender, restaurant worker or bar-tender, ...
It is simple to use, and helps with the work processes of each sector in the management of the property.

With e-P Manager you will always be a step a-head with its build-in algorithms which alerts you if you: have too many rooms / beds still available on a giving day in the month, potential overbooking, unrented rooms / bed, un-finished repairs and more ...
e-P Manager is just another PMS, it is the smart app to help manage your property !

With e-P Manager not only you benefit of its multifunctionality and intuitiveness but also computing power. The app is stored on powerful servers with redundant storage offering you 100% uptime of app available service.