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Introduction to e-P Manager >> What are e-P Manager's alerts ?

e-P Manager is not like the common PMS, we want it to be the manager, receptionist, bar tender, repairman, housekeeping best buddy.
It helps you in all your property managment tasks. This smart tool runs some checks and display or email alerts.
The displayed alerts are divided into 3 color-coded categories:
-blue = good or very good notice (e.g: if you are receiving a lot of reservations for a given date or period with optimal rates)
-orange = warning. You need to take some actions as soon as possible (e.g: if you have not yet set your rates for the following month or two)
-red = danger. You need to take actions immediatly ! (e.g: you have too many rooms / beds open online than really available)

Some alerts, like for bookings with rejected credit card or no-show need to be configured in the setup of the main menu. Other alert are sent as a notification by email. For souvenir shops, bars or restaurants, this can be very helpfull as e-P Manager can inform you when your stock or inventory is running low.

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