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Managing your bookings >> What are the various processing steps with a booking ?

After a reservation is made online, example from BOOKING.COM website, the data is sent to Cubilis. The server at Cubilis gives it a unique ID. When e-P Manager PMS connects with Cubilis server, the reservation is then forwarded to our server. e-P Manager assigns it another unique ID. At this point the reservation can be identified by: Booking.com reference number, Cubilis ID or e-P Manager ID.

The date-time and worker who is loged-in is registered and booking status as NEW

received by e-P Manager PMS - depending on the type of the booking a prepayment may be charged and recorded in the PMS for billing purpose. Guest is present at the reception - presents registration document and if applicable pays for reservation and other required deposits. During the time the guest stays at the property they may request services or make purchases. All is registered in the PMS and room remains unbookable for this period. The PMS check for any unpaid invoice of services of items purchase during the stay, assign the room to be cleaned by housekeeping Once housekeeping update the room status to clean, automatically it is available again online to be booked. 24 hours after the reservation is set in archive mode and can no more be modified or deleted !
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