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Managing your bookings >> How do I manage bookings pre-authorizations and payments ?

Most to all properties receive at least 2 types of online reservations: those with standard rates and those with non-refundable rates.

In general, reservations with standard rates are due to be paid on arrival. Thus, as a guarantee against late cancellation or no-show, some properties make a pre-authorization on the guest credit card.

If the authorization is successful, we recommend that you register the amount and transaction type in the PMS in case you nugh need for futur references. To do so, simple click on the name in the Booking Planner, open the Resrvarion details window and click the Payment TAB.

Enter the amount and select "pre-authorization" from the payment methods dropdown list.

In terms of bookkeeping, the amount, method and timestamp are registered but is not counted (not added-up) with other payments made that day. This comes-in handy when a guest contacts you later in the futur concerning a pre-authorization made on their card, then you can perform a search and see when the transaction was made.


For non-refundable bookings, you might need to make a prepayment, follow the step above and chose the approprieate payment method made.

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