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Introduction to e-P Manager >> What are the sections of e-P Manager's UI (User Interface) ?

In all the different modules of the e-P Manager PMS, you will find a common structure to each page:
(1): the menu to the top.
(2): the main or working pane.
(3): the information pane to the left.
(4): the footer pane, composed of the status-update bar and copyright bar.

The menu section features dropdown sub-menus regrouped by category or related function.
All the main tasks and operations are displayed in the main or working pane (in the body of the page).
As a guide, there is always some tips or some helpful information or recommendations posted to the left section of the page in the information pane.
Your property ID can be seen at the bottom section of footer of each page, any issue with the hardware or software association with the e-P Manager application is also displayed in the status bar. Occasionally, when there is an update, you will see a scrollable text in the stautus bar.
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