e-P Manager: Property Management System
e-P Manager Property management system, F.A.Q


Introduction to e-P Manager >> What are the basic modules of e-P Manager ?

e-P Manager PMS comes with a complete suite of modules that help you to manage your property:

  • Intuitive room assignment.
  • Standard and non-refundable rates management.
  • Availability management.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • List of rejected credit cards & auto-reminders before cancellation.
  • Availability auto-update with walk-ins.
  • Reminders for price and/or availability updates.
  • Room maintainance list with reminders.
  • Main account with multiple secondary user accounts.
  • Secure access with IP, and geolocation check.
  • Auto-check and alerts if rates are too low.
  • auto-check and alerts if too many rooms available online (potential overbooking).
  • FREE customer support.
  • Invoicing system and e-Cash register.
  • House-keeping list.
  • Memo to exchange notes and messages between Colleagues and with Managers.
  • Statistics & reports for all types.
  • Phone numbers and Shopping list.
  • PCI compliant and regular updates.
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